Platform: Any blog platform you prefer. We recommend Wordpress.

Options: Platform, language, number of blogs, number of articles per blog, number of words per article and number of backlinks per article.

These days, a blog is almost as important as the web-shop itself. To make a presence felt in the online world, companies are increasingly turning to having a professionally written blog to popularize their services. Blogs are an effective way of attracting search engine traffic. Let buddy marketers write informative blogs about a specific topic you choose and add backlinks with keywords to your brand, product or service page. We at Buddy Marketing ensure you that you have high quality attention grabbing content. We currently offer product review articles added on the buddy marketers blog and blog creation services including content. We check the text for plagiarism, spelling and grammatical errors, keyword focus words, word count and authenticity. When your ordered blog is created with all of its content, you will get the login information so you can further edit the blog to your needs. Every article contains one or two do-follow backlinks. The blog gives you quality do-follow backlinks and you get targeted traffic to your website. The blogs are created by buddy marketers on free blog website like Wordpress for example.

The opportunities and advantages of having multiple blogs created by buddy marketers are mind-blowing. First of all, creating blogs and writing articles for them can be very time consuming. Here at Buddy Marketing you can save time and money and get as much blogs as you want in a matter of days. Another advantage is that you can exploit a so called white-hat SEO technique called link wheel building which is one of the most effective SEO techniques know to men. With link wheel building you basically connect multiple web2.0 properties with each other one by one until the circle is round. By creating all the blogs and other properties yourself, you leave all kinds of footprints on the internet which can cause trouble when search engines find out about it. Therefore having buddy marketers creating your blogs there’s no way you can get in trouble when you build a link wheel with it. Advantages: