Would you like to work online and make an extra or fulltime income by executing small tasks? If your answer is yes, you came to the exact right place. You can work from the comfort of your own home and you’re able to set your own hours and work as often, or as little, as you’d decide. As a buddy marketer you can execute small tasks on the internet and get paid for them! Companies are willing to pay you big bucks for it. The small tasks vary from liking, sharing or commenting on social media, to even write small pieces of text or downloading an app in the Google Play app store. Everybody can apply and fulfill the easy tasks. Register now as buddy marketer and start earning.

How it works

Every person in the world can join Buddy Marketing. You just have to create a buddy marketer account and you’re ready to earn money. Once you’re logged-in, you can browse the marketplace looking for jobs that you can apply to. You can accept any job in the marketplace you want. Every job had a detailed description and step by step explanation of how you can fulfill it the job. Just click on “accept job” and enter how many times you can fulfill it. For a Facebook like you can only do the job once per employer, but for example article writing jobs you can do it multiple times for the same employer. Once you’ve completed the job, you just click “job done” and the money is added to your buddy marketer account. The money you earned can be paid out any time you want. We can pay out your money to your PayPal account.

The jobs

The jobs are extremely easy to fulfill and don’t require any specific knowledge like for example programming skills. The jobs vary from liking a Facebook page to writing a short product review. Other jobs can be downloading an app or game in the Google Play store on your smartphone, filling in an survey, create a free blog and add some articles, tweeting something and a lot more! There are plenty of jobs that you can do. Buddy Marketing strives to enable buddy marketers to earn a fulltime income.