Platform: Any forum you choose.

Options: Forum profile backlink creation and forum posting including your link in profile.

Forum marketing is highly underestimated by most businesses. With forum marketing you can create a great permanent traffic source and permanent backlinks. All you have to do is engage on the forum and have your link in your profile signature. Unfortunately most forum admins will delete your forum threads where you promote your business. But what if a buddy marketer asks a couple of questions and creates engaging threads regarding your business topic without actually promoting anything. That posts will not be deleted and best of all, you can reply on that thread, answering his questions and at the same time dropping your business link in it. In the above scenario you created a permanent traffic source which will lead customers from search engines to the forum and then to your business. Forum marketing also turned out to be very effective when you’re in the B2B market. You can easily draw the attention of entrepreneurs on a forum where you or buddy marketers are very active and engaging. So don’t hesitate any longer and start creating multiple sources of permanent traffic right away.