Platform: Any available social media platform known to man.

Options: Getting in trending lists seen by millions of people.

Imagine you can force your blog post, video or anything you have, to go viral by a click of a mouse button. Forever growing in views and gaining endless popularity, a gigantic boost out of nowhere, causing your business to exponentially grow in website traffic, brand awareness, reaching new and targeted audiences and eventually revenue. You can stop imagining, it’s all possible here at Buddy Marketing. Real people using their own social media account, sharing your brand or products with their friends, causing it to go viral and trending.

In some cases, like on Twitter for example, there are trending lists that are seen by millions every day. Hashtags on Twitter show up in the trending list when used a lot in a short period of time. With the help of our buddy marketers you’ll be able to force your chosen hashtag to go trending on Twitter and get immense exposure. Imagine hosting a contest and letting your chosen hashtag go viral and reaching millions of people in a specific area causing it to go even more viral. Register now as company and start forging your effective viral marketing campaign right away. We can deliver viral marketing services on every available social media platform. Our most popular viral marketing service is the Twitter trending hashtag service.